Mohammed Bin Salman : Reshaping Saudi Arbia

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salma Because de facto ruler 5 years ago, conservative Kingdom.

The hard changing heir has earned plaudits for allowing women to drive and envisioning an economy less dependent on oil.

Under his rule the lslamic religious police have been de-fanged, cinemas have repened, foregin tourists have been welcomed.

Saudi Arabia has staged a film festival, operas a formula One Grand Prix, Professional wrestling and a huge rive festival.

Yet he has also jailed critics and detained 200 princes and businessman in a Riyadh hotel in a 2017 anti corruption crackdown.

MBS has also drawn widespread anger over yhe gruesome murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018, and other state aboses.

MBS is one of the hundreds of grandchildren of the country's founder king Abdulaziz lbn Saud, and he rose from obscurity.

The 36-Year prince is fabulously rich, owning a $500 million yacht, a French chateau and reportedly expensive aintings.