Hy - Vee pulls potato salad from stores ahead of holiday weekend

Friday's announcement by Hy-Vee Inc. was that it is "voluntarily withdrawing 

all varieties of its Hy-Vee Potato Salad, and Mealtime Potato 

Salad," due to a presumptive negative microbial test on the potato processing line. 

Final test results won't be available for 7-10 days. However, 

Hy-Vee decided that Friday was a holiday weekend and to remove all products from its shelves. 

All varieties and sizes of Hy-Vee Potato Salad and Mealtime Potato Salad are included in the withdrawal. 

They can be purchased from deli service or grab-and-go cases 

at all Hy-Vee, Hy-Vee Drugstore and Dollar Fresh Market locations. 

The expiration dates range from July 31, 2022 to Aug. 4, 2022. 

This affects all other Hy-Vee and Mealtime brands of salads.