Unilever Sale puts Ben & Jerry's back in West Bank, kind  of 

A new deal in Israel will allow Ben and Jerry's ice cream on the shelves of annexed east Jerusalem

the in the occupied West Bank despite the ice cream maker's opposition to Israeli policies, as per Unilever the owner of the Ben & Jerry's brand.

It's not clear whether the product, which is only going to be offered in Hebrew and Arabic letters, will draw

the attention of Ben & Jerry's fans or enjoy the backing from

the Vermont company who has long supported liberal causes.

Israel has hailed the decision as a triumph in its ongoing fight in opposition to the Palestinian led Boycott,

Divestment and Sanctions movement. BDS seeks to apply economic pressure on Israel in protest of

its occupation of land the Palestinians are seeking to make into a state.

Unilever bought Ben & Jerry's in 2000 but later distanced itself from the maker of ice cream's decision last year

cease its sales to territories announced on Wednesday that it sold its interest in business within Israel an Israeli business

that will offer Ben & Jerry's ice cream under its Hebrew and Arabic brand throughout Israel as well as in the West Bank.